Lola Anchangs chorizo pudpud
Family Table | Mains

How To Make Lola Anchang’s Chorizo Pudpud

Chorizo pudpud is an iconic Negrense breakfast staple. Our family’s chorizo pudpud recipe is incomparable to those I’ve tasted in restaurants or store-bought chorizo pudpud. That’s why this is much beloved and I hope it will become your family’s favorite as well. Lola Anchang was my mom’s mother. (Lola is Filipino for Grandmother.) She was […]

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Zebra Matcha Japanese Cheesecake

Not All Zebras Can Be Found at the Zoo or in the Wild!

Don’t be daunted by the zebra matcha Japanese cheesecake. It only looks more difficult than it is. Read on to learn how to prepare this show-stopper! My poor husband. After dinner, I told him we had cheesecake in the fridge for dessert. I then left him to put Becca to bed, and afterward, as we […]

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Eggs en cocotte
Family Table | Mains

Easy Baked Eggs that are Perfect for Brunch

Baked eggs are perfect to serve at brunch. Simple to make, but look so pretty and delectable in their individual serving cups. I was getting tired of eating hardboiled eggs for breakfast. They are boring. I was on a self-imposed detox diet that would only allow me either yogurt or eggs plus fruit for breakfast. […]

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cooked black rice in blue and white ceramic bowl
Family Table | Sides

How to Cook Black Rice on the Stove

 No rice cooker? Cook black rice on the stove!  Is something burning? My husband asks. I sniff the air, and I got a whiff of the unmistakable scent of burnt rice! I rushed into the kitchen, opened the pot on the stove and was greeted with a gust of smoke and a slightly burnt popcorn […]

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