Filipino sans rival cross section

How to Make the Delectable Filipino Sans Rival

For me, no other Filipino dessert screams sumptuous than sans rival. Layers of crispy cashew meringue wafers are sandwiched between French buttercream and topped with more roasted cashews. As a kid, we used to enjoy Sans Rival only on special occasions. Cashew nuts weren’t cheap; therefore Sans Rival was pricey. I remember we would order […]

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finished fondant portrait
How Tos

How to Transfer and Paint a Drawing onto Fondant

Learn how to transfer drawing onto fondant with confidence! Are you like me and have no confidence drawing free-hand on fondant? Are you scared of making an indelible mistake? I had received a cake order on which my friend wanted fondant figures of her, her husband and son, to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary. Fondant […]

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fennel and orange salad

Make This Quick & Simple Fennel and Orange Salad

Fennel and orange salad is a quick and delicious salad to serve at the height of the season for luscious oranges. Did you always eat your greens? As a kid, I wouldn’t even gaze in the direction of vegetables. You will never find them on my plate. My dad had to resort to bribery to […]

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baked no-knead pizza

Learn How to Make this Incredibly Easy Pizza Dough

Pizza crust makes or breaks your pizza. Read on to learn how to prepare this easy no-knead pizza dough, no mixer required just your hands and time. I didn’t eat pizza until I was in my early twenties! All throughout my childhood, I had an aversion to anything with tomato sauce. Much to my Mom’s […]

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chilled white chooclate raspberry cheesecake

How to Make White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake

Surprise your loved one with a white chocolate raspberry cheesecake this Valentine’s Day! Or on any other special occasion! Who doesn’t love a New York Style cheesecake? Rich, creamy and decidedly indulgent, New York cheesecakes occupy a place in my Top 5 favorite desserts. Every time I indulge in a slice (or two, don’t judge!) […]

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Christmas cookies (Sables)

Edible Gifts: French Christmas Cookies (or Sablés)

These French Christmas Cookies are great gifts! They keep for a while too, if you can resist them! Who doesn’t love receiving gifts? The anticipation that comes with not knowing what is inside. Then as you tear open the wrapper, an enticing aroma comes out. It’s buttery and sweet. You get a slight whiff of […]

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