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Toddler crafts: Handmade Card for Father’s Day

June 18, 2017

In most countries around the world, Father’s day is today, June 18, 2017. However, both in Germany and Switzerland, it is commemorated on different days.  In Germany, Father’s Day (or Vatertag) is on the same day as the resurrection of Jesus (which is on May 25 this year) and in Switzerland it is observed on the first Sunday of June.  I asked Tobi when he wants to celebrate Father’s day, and he doesn’t care when, so I thought, to make it easier for me to remember, we will celebrate on the same day as we do in the Philippines, which is on the 3rd Sunday of June.

As Becca is now old enough to make some crafts, I decided that this is the year she starts making handmade cards for her Papa.  I settled on making a paper mosaic card, which is something she has already done in Kindergarten.

What do we need for the handmade card?

I gathered the materials needed – scrapbooking paper, thick white paper, glue, scissors and crayons. I wrote “I  U Papa” on thick white paper.

Then cut out the letters and “Papa”and also some tiny squares (around 1-2cm) out of different scrapbooking paper and sat her down at her table.

handmade card
handmade card materials

I set all the materials (and took away the scissors) on her tiny table and let her get to work. We started with the most important part of the card, the heart. As is normal at her age, she has a short attention-span, so that is all she will be able to do. She then grabbed the glue and started squeezing it out like a pro! That was her favorite part of our activity.

handmade card
Becca sticking the paper mosaic pieces for the handmade card
handmade card
Becca sticking the paper mosaic pieces for the handmade card

As I thought, she soon got tired of sticking the colored squares and looked for something else to do. So I finished her card, got a different colored cardstock and glued her artwork onto it.

Here is the finished handmade card for Papa:

handmade card

This was a fun project for her. Next time, I’ll cut out bigger squares so she’ll fill the spaces quicker.

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  1. Next time, her attention span will be longer, so small squares are still good, and will look better, I think.

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