About A Yellow Bowl

Hello there! I’m Tweety (yes, that is my nickname, my real name is Therese, but I’ve always preferred Tweety). I am from Silay City, Philippines, but I now call Biel, Switzerland home.  In 2016, I moved here with my husband, Tobi and our daughter, Becca.

I used to work in audit and finance before I stopped after having Becca. Taking care of a toddler is a lot of work, but I love it!

What can you expect from A Yellow Bowl?

You will find here recipes for easy dinners that are toddler-approved, lots of cake and baked goodies, make-ahead meals and meals for the busy mama. You will also find DIY`s for birthday parties, toddler activities and things we do with our daughter.

Where did I learn to cook?

I have always loved baking, and I remember back in high school I was making cookies to sell in our classroom. Cooking meals, however, I learned out of necessity when I moved to Manila for work.  I didn`t even know how to cook rice then! And that´s a necessity for a Filipino! I was lucky to have a housemate who knew how to cook and taught me some tricks in the kitchen. In 2009, I moved to Luxembourg and was blessed with a lovely kitchen and a huge oven! There, I baked and kept my friends happy with various cakes, cookies and the like. I have also learned to cook the food that I missed from home.

Everything I make and bake is self-taught. So, I hope to inspire you if you feel daunted in the kitchen. If I can do it, so can you!

Am I artsy?

Oh my goodness, not at all! But you are forced to be creative to keep your kid from watching too much cartoons. The Internet is my friend, and I have gotten so many ideas for Becca that I feel bad not sharing them with you!

I hope you enjoy your visit!

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